Who We Are

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Who are we?

Cantrell Pearson & Associates is a CPA firm in the Rockwall and Rowlett area of Texas, only 20 minutes east of Dallas, Texas.  Richard Cantrell &  Russell Pearson have been good friends for many years.  They agreed to merge their accounting firms together in 2005.  Both are long-time Texans in this area in which they work and live and raise their families.  Helping others succeed in business is their main focus.  Cantrell Pearson & Associates specializes in helping businesses with all types of accounting, bookkeeping, and tax needs but we also serve a large number of individual clients.  So no matter what your situation, we can help you.  But you can read more about the company later- what's really important is what Cantrell Pearson & Associates can do for you!

Are you concerned about money?

Times are tough on a lot of folks right now, especially small to medium-size businesses in the Rockwall and Rowlett areas.  If you are raising kids like we are, you need more money.  More money for college, auto gas, insurance, repairs, living expenses, and you name it.  You need to watch your expenses just like us, but one of your biggest expenses is that ugly word, TAXES, and we guarantee you that taxes are increasing.  You must get a handle on taxes now!

Are you concerned about your business operations?

Business owners are getting squeezed hard and profits are taking a hit.  Banks are not lending like they used to.  Many are rethinking their operations and workforce including what their accounting needs are.  Cantrell Pearson & Associates can help.  You need accurate and timely financial reports to please those bank officers and you have to know where your business stands in order to make important decisions. 

Isn't your time precious?

I want to get my work done so I can be with my wife and kids.  If you feel the same way you don't want to waste time visiting your accountant when everything can be handled electronically.  Data and information can easily and securely be transferred between you and our team without the hassle of a face-to-face meeting.  Also, we are Quickbooks Pro Advisors and can assist you with your Quickbooks or other accounting issues over the phone or remotely on your PC while you watch.  That means whether you are located in Rockwall, Rowlett, or across Texas, your accounting, bookkeeping, and tax solutions are always accessible to you.

Are we expensive?

Absolutely not!  Compared to the amount of taxes you pay our fees are minimal.  Many times we save our clients more in tax savings than our fees so I guess you could say we pay our own way.  Do we charge more than the "drive-thru"  tax preparation outlets?  Probably a little more, but they only throw the numbers on paper for you.  You might as well do your taxes on your own!  We are CPAs and our focus is minimizing your taxes whenever possible.  If lowering your taxes is your goal, you are going to love working with Cantrell Pearson & Associates!